Minou Norouzi
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I Remember

Single Channel 06:00 min

'I Remember' takes as its conceptual starting point, a scene from Fellini's Amarcord.
In 1930s Italy, a man is taking refuge in a treetop shouting "I want a woman".
80 years later, in London a woman attempts to respond.

All Shades of Grey

3 x 06:00 min

Part 1 - Two Eritrean girls enchant with fragmentary tales of escaping their country and what it really feels like being a child refugee, alone in London.
An intimate portrait, highlighting the emotional fallout of political conflict, commissioned for London Borough of Islington's "Kick Islamophobia" campaign.

Correspondently Idealist    

Slide Projection

An incongruous encounter with a wooden bust of Apollo Belvedere.
The apparently spontaneous sensual exchange brings into question a spectator's willingness to believe almost anything.



Anatomy of Failure

53:00 min

An unorthodox biopic about Carlos Castaneda, 60ies cultural icon and author of The Teachings of Don Juan, takes the form of fragmented portraiture, touching on failures of love, power relationships and myth-making.
In a series of Californian road trips projected realities become as contradictory, as the wildly differing characters encountered in this film.


u never asked to be my mountain

Single Channel 01:20 min

Appropriating its title from the Tim Buckley's song,
'u never asked to be my mountain' is a series of static portraits of a black Saab 900 placed in everyday documentary scenes.
A low-tech exercise in visual trickery serves as a playful  reminder that it may only take a very minor shift in perception for all things insurmountable to suddenly appear very small.


Sitting is Believing

Single Channel 06:50 min

The conceptual twin to 'Imago' (2006), ‘Sitting is Believing’ continues an exploration of the architectural space of incubated desire & urban portraiture. Here the stationary, frozen element is an object. The video consists of a series of portraits of abandoned prams in public places embodying a familiar urban condition.


Limb from Limb

Single Channel 08:20 min

The skyline of Los Angeles is identified by its palm trees and like most of its inhabitants its population of trees are from elsewhere - immigrants.
The city receives a continuous face-lift with its mature full size palms being undug, beautified and replanted.
'Limb from Limb' is an observation of the uprooting process of Los Angeles’s most famous resident - the palm tree.



Single Channel 07:50 min

Conceived as a hypothesis that ones favorite line from a movie contains within it, the essence of a person’s ideal, a passion, conviction or sense of self, 'Imago' maps a series of frozen moments in the Los Angeles acting community. Each actor is seen in their day job delivering their favorite line from a movie, mapping the day to day architectural space where desire is incubated.


Sich selbst vis-à-vis (One’s self vis-à-vis)

2-Channel Video
04:00 min

Side by side locked of shots observing 2 children at play. On the left a little girl's presence is silent, assuring and consistent. A little boy’s world on the right screen is chaotic, closer and vibrant. He wanders in and out of frame.

A contrasting of their different worlds and behaviour becomes inevitable, but it’s also a meditation on the similarities.